2224SE Instructions


Disconnect negative battery cable
Disconnect the B+ Cable from the old alternator
Remove the old alternator
Install the new alternator
Connect the positive power B+ wire to the B+ post on the rear of the alternator.

If you are replacing an alternator, this post should look very similar to the one you removed, and the wire is reconnected. Make sure the wire is in good operating condition.

DO NOT CONNECT ANYTHING TO THE ROUND REGULATOR PLUG on the back of the alternator. On earlier applications there are two field wires, these are not used and can be taped up and put to the side. They may have power so please tape them, so they do not short to anything.

Connect the negative battery cable.

This is a self-exciting alternator. This means that it turns on when it reaches a certain shaft speed. If you start the vehicle and the alternator is not charging, then rev up the engine slightly and the alternator should turn on. It will turn off by itself when the engine is off.

Because this unit does not communicate with the original regulator or computer the OEM charge light on the dash may or may not be illuminated, this alternator was designed to run in any vehicle and not rely on any input from the computer or OEM regulator. A volt gauge or test meter will verify it is making power do not rely on the charge light if you have one.