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Alternator options for 1965-1985 Mustang where customers want to upgrade from the old internally regulated alternator to the modern internally regulated alternator to increase reliability and output performance.  These vehicles mostly came with a 1-groove V-Belt, for that reason we strongly recommend not using the 130AMP alternator to reduce the risk of belt slippage which will result in squealing belts and not-charging.   

  • Premium Short (9905) Fuse Holder

    Premium Short (9905)

    30" Premium Kit offers outstanding performance, cosmetics and flexibility.  Premium Wire is made of electrolytic copper.  The OEM wire from the alternator to the vehicle was not designed to carry the added load of higher amp...

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  • 1G-3G Conversion (462802C) 1G to 3G Conversion - Retains Stock Wiring

    1G-3G Conversion (462802C)

    This kit is made specifically for the installation of a Ford 3G alternator on any vehicle where the stock alternator was EXTERNALLY regulated.  We incorporate a new replacement external regulator box (as shown) to capture the proper circuit and...

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  • 95A 3G Alternator (1614E)

    95A 3G Alternator (1614E)

    This is a very popular replacement where increased capacity is needed. This kit is more popular for (electrically) modified cars.  60 amps at idle (2000 alternator shaft rpm) 120 amps maximum (6000 alternator shaft rpm) the stock belt...

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