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07-08 GT500 / SHELBY 5.4L

  • Mid Mount or Medium Kits for vehicles where the alternator is located in the center of the engine (mid-mount) Premium 07-08 Shelby (9907)

    Premium 07-08 Shelby (9907)

    75" Premium Wire Kit offers outstanding performance, cosmetics and flexibility made of electrolytic copper to reduce whine or noise in a stereo.  The OEM wire from the alternator to the vehicle was not designed to carry the added load of...

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  • 6G Repair Plug (462802I) 6G Repair Plug (462802I)

    6G Repair Plug (462802I)

    This is a direct replacement repair plug for any 3-wire voltage regulator on 6G Alternators where the stock wire or the internal blade connectors are damaged.  This is a stock replacement plug not a conversion plug or harness, it comes...

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