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07-08 GT500 / SHELBY 5.4L

  • 130A 6G Shelby Alternator (2438WS)

    130A 6G Shelby Alternator (2438WS)

    This is a very popular replacement alternator. It is the same size as the factory unit.  Starting in 2005 the alternator was controlled by the PCM, this is compatible with the Ford computer and in some cases will eliminate the cam position...

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  • 200A 6G Shelby Alternator (2438WSHO)

    200A 6G Shelby Alternator (2438WSHO)

    This is a substantial power upgrade alternator for your Shelby Mustang. It is the same size as the factory unit.  This unit will increase the charging capacity at all RPM Ranges with NO modifications BUT the Upgrade Power Cable is REQUIRED...

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  • 6G Repair Plug (462802I)

    6G Repair Plug (462802I)

    This is a direct replacement repair plug for any 3-wire voltage regulator on 6G Alternators where the stock wire or the internal blade connectors are damaged.  This is a stock replacement plug not a conversion plug or harness, it comes...

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  • Mid Mount or Medium Kits for vehicles where the alternator is located in the center of the engine (mid-mount) Premium 07-08 Shelby (9907)

    Premium 07-08 Shelby (9907)

    75" Premium Wire Kit offers outstanding performance, cosmetics and flexibility made of electrolytic copper to reduce whine or noise in a stereo.  The OEM wire from the alternator to the vehicle was not designed to carry the added load of...

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