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Bargain Bin

Our Bargain Bin is a place where you can buy products at deep discounts off of new product pricing - units here were used in testing or returned and refurbished to PA Factory Standards. We can assure you that these are our own products and not anything of lesser quality. Since everything we sell in our main store is new it cannot be re-sold once it has been installed or used so we created this Bargain Bin as a place to buy products at a discount for those customers who don't mind a few blemishes. Bargain Bin Units are 100% tested and we Guarantee their functionality, but because they were previously installed and used we offer a 90 day warranty. We assure you they work to our expectations. In exchange for warranty restrictions we offer them at deep discounts. We make every effort to maintain accurate inventory in this section but there are times that a unit is sold before we can update the web site, we apologize for any inconvenience.  The images here are of the actual unit and usually a camera phone picture.  If you have any other questions please contact us.

  • 100A 1-Wire Alternator (10SIREDBBIN)

    100A 1-Wire Alternator (10SIREDBBIN)

    This is a 1-Wire or self-exciting alternator for small block ford and chevy street rod applications.  This is a GM or Chevy mount and a true 1-wire alternator, just put the charge cable on the back and go.  This is 100% new, we built it for...

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  • 130A 3G Alternator (1989BBIN)

    130A 3G Alternator (1989BBIN)

    This is a very popular replacement where increased capacity is needed in a new reliable replacement. 80 amps at idle (2000 alternator shaft rpm) 160 amps maximum (6000 alternator shaft rpm) the stock belt can be used on original equipment vehicles...

  • 130A 6G Alternator (2264BBIN)

    This is a very popular replacement where slightly increased capacity is needed.  This unit will increase the charging capacity at all RPM Ranges with NO modifications. Common on Ford SOHC and some 3V Applications.  This unit is a...

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  • Mini-PMGR Starter (1806BBIN)

    Mini-PMGR Starter (1806BBIN)

    PMGR ''Mini'' or Hi-Torque Starter w/wire kit (1806) This Ford Style Mini-Starter is an “Upgrade” for most applications prior to 1993. At only 8.5lbs (vs. the 18 lbs. stock field wound starter in those early years) it often reduces...