Regulator Replacement

Voltage Regulator Replacement

Voltage Regulator replacement

These instructions are the simplified list of steps used to replace a stock Voltage Regulator with a PA Performance Voltage Regulator.


Disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal from the battery and move it to the side to prevent accidental contact during the installation.

Remove the alternator as needed to access the regulator on the back of the unit.

Remove the Voltage Regulator mounting screws, save these for re-installation.

Remove the Voltage Regulator, inspect mounting surfaces for defects, before installing the new Voltage Regulator. If needed, reinstall the old brush holder on the new regulator (if not supplied)

Install the new PA Performance Voltage Regulator using the original mounting bolts and tighten as required. Be careful not to over tighten these, they are small.

Remove the brush pin that is holding the spring-loaded brushes.

Reinstall the alternator if it was removed.

Reconnect the negative (-) battery wire to the battery.

Start the vehicle to be sure everything is working properly.

That completes the steps we took to install our PA Performance Voltage Regulator. If you have any questions or observations, you can e-mail us.