Starter Replacement

Starter Replacement

Starter replacement

These instructions are the simplified list of steps used to replace a stock starter with a PA Performance starter. This process assumes you had a previously working starter this is not the proper instruction for "conversion or upgrade", Replacement only.



Disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal from the battery and move it to the side to prevent accidental contact during the installation.

This starter is new and stronger than the stock starter, but, it has the same mounting and wire connections. No modifications to the wiring are necessary.

Remove the small switch wire and the main power B+ wire from the old starter, move them out of the way and secure if needed, they will be reconnected.

Remove the starter mounting bolts, save these for re-installation.

Remove the starter, inspect mounting surfaces on the engine for defects, before installing the new starter.

Install the new PA Performance starter using the original mounting bolts and tighten as required.

Install the switch and power cables, note do not loosen or modify the short wire that connects the solenoid to the starter motor, this is not to be used by the consumer.

Do not modify or change the switch wire function. The starter requires two unique wires each with separate power to operate properly. The internet contains incorrect advice that claims to combine these two wires or use a small jumper wire, this is incorrect. The starter will not function properly and in some cases, it will stay engaged in the engine temporarily after starting the engine and it will destroy itself, this is not a warranty condition.

Inspect the starter installation, mounting and wiring, make sure all fasteners are tight, wires are not touching anything to ground, and it all looks correct.

Reconnect the negative (-) battery wire to the battery.

Start the vehicle to be sure everything is working properly.

That completes the steps we took to install our PA Performance starter. If you have any questions or observations, you can e-mail us.