C-Kit Simplified Instructions

462802C Kit - Express Instructions

This instruction sheet is a supplement to the main installation instructions provided in the kit, and not meant to replace or contradict the more detailed steps. Some more experienced installers prefer a simple guide.

  1. Disconnect Negative battery cable on car battery and move to the side.
  2. Mark wires on existing alternator as ST, FLD, B+ and Ground (if there is a ground)
  3. Disconnect fender mounted external regulator plug
  4. Remove fender mounted external regulator box
  5. Install new PA Performance fender mounted external regulator box
  6. Reconnect plug
  7. Replace alternator per alternator instructions
  8. Connect the 3-Pin alternator plug provided in the kit to alternator
  9. Connect Yellow wire to B+ Post
  10. Connect White/Black wire to Stator tap on alternator.
  11. Tape the original ST wire as it is not used but may have power
  12. Connect FLD wire to new Green/Red wire in kit
  13. Connect B+ wire to alternator
  14. Connect Ground (if there is one)
  15. Connect Negative battery terminal to battery.

You will have power at the green/red wire with the ignition key in the run position, no power on this wire with the ignition key off.