PA Performance Warranty & Returns Policy Terms and Conditions
PA Performance warrants solely to the original retail customer that our standard output starter motors and alternators are free from defects in design materials and/or workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the product was originally installed. This warranty is not transferable. 

This warranty applies only if: The Product is installed correctly and is used for the application for which it was originally intended, the unit was not disassembled, altered or modified in any way, the unit was used within normal operating speeds and not over-spun. In many cases these limits are printed and included in the box. The Product was purchased for Street use only. For fleet, racing and High Output applications see notes. Due to the increased performance of our alternators, #4-gauge battery and power feed cables must be used. We must authorize the return and provide a Return Material Authorization (RMA). The Product must be returned to: PA Performance Warranty Services 822 N Reading Avenue, Boyertown, PA 19512

All Products must be returned to PA-Performance for evaluation, NO replacements will be sent without prior evaluation. PA Performance reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the customer. Repeat warranty returns often indicate a problem with installation, the vehicle or incompatibility, which we cannot support. We reserve the right to repair or replace the unit and return it to the customer with no further warranty support. Sometimes at no fault of the customer or PA-Performance there may be incompatibility for which components failed prematurely. This is done at the determination of PA Performance and no exceptions will be made pending a management review. 

PA Performance does not sell direct to any address outside of the continental USA and maintain Warranty Support (see Policy), nor does PA Performance pay warranty freight charges outside of this area on units purchased through authorized dealers or affiliates. 

Starter Specific: This warranty does not apply in cases of over-cranking or improper wiring. (The starter failed due to continuous cranking of a motor that does not start or stays engaged when it should have released)

Alternator Specific: This warranty does not apply in cases where the unit was connected improperly, damaged or shorted out by improper use, or failure due to excessive RPM operation. Special finishes are not warranted because we cannot control the use, care or environment of the unit in your application. 

Once a unit has been installed the warranty policy requires us to bring the unit back to our facility for testing and/or repair. In all cases, the unit must come back to PA Performance for testing before any further steps are taken. This warranty does not apply to damage or failure caused by vehicle accident, faulty installation, improper maintenance, acts of God or nature. PA Performance shall assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any damages or expenses caused by or relating to the failure of the Product, other than the repair or replacement of the Product alone. PA Performance shall not be liable and will not reimburse for labor charges or incidental or consequential damages. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable or assignable by the original retail customer to any other person or to any other vehicle. PA Performance may modify this Warranty program at any time. The Warranty set forth above is in lieu of all other Warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. All products offered by PA Performance are manufactured with 100% new components unless otherwise stated in the product description. Void warranties are not subject to refunds of any type. Warranty is limited to the cost or replacement of the unit and shipping costs. No cash refunds - only exchanges are permitted. Warranty does not include labor claims or other associated costs or damages.

Warranty does not apply to customers who change their mind or ordered the wrong part.  Any return of a known or proven good product, new product or other non-used item that is approved by PA Performance must be in perfect re-sellable condition and will be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee plus shipping charges where applicable. Final refunds will be provided after inspection by PA Performance.

Some of our products are redistributed through affiliates, dealers and distributors. All product warranties are to be sent to PA Performance directly. Warranty returns will not be accepted back from the re seller. Credit or replacement will not be issued by the retailer unless PA Performance gives prior authorization. PA Performance will accept no Warranty back without proper and prior authorization. Customers with open balances are not eligible for warranty support.

In order to process a warranty claim: The buyer must contact PA Performance with the proposed defect. PA Performance will provide a shipping tag and Authorization Number to the customer. Upon receipt at PA Performance that proposed defect would be tested and legitimate defects will be processed. Proven " good" products are subject to full payment and reimbursement of shipping charges by the customer - who's account will be debited, and the customer notified. Proven “defects” will be processed according to the terms outlined in this warranty. 

Standard Units: Lifetime is defined as the original installation on the vehicle for which it was purchased. Warranty does not cover wear and tear issues, examples could be worn alternator brushes, etc. Due to the severe duty of Fleet, Race and Highway Applications we cannot warrant these units beyond the initial installation. High Output (HO) Units: Because of the severe duty of these units the warranty is 12 months effective the date of invoice. Factory Refurbished Units: 1-year from the date of purchase also subject to the other terms and conditions in this warranty.  Bargain Bin Units are guaranteed to our standards and work as designed but carry no warranty in exchange for substantially reduced price. Special order products (i.e. chrome, powder coated, HO, etc.) PA Performance is not liable for the cost of the Special Finish process unless the warranty related failure destroyed it as well. Special finishes are not warranted because we cannot control the use, care or environment of the unit. Warranty products will be picked up and delivered by UPS Ground. The warranty program does not reimburse the customer for expedited shipping or international delivery charges as may have been used by the customer for the original order. Expedited shipping is available at the customer’s expense. Warranty does not cover products that were ordered incorrectly. We cannot be responsible for customer errors.

Under no circumstances shall any person be authorized by PA Performance to modify or add to the foregoing Warranty and Liability provisions. There are no exceptions to the contents or limitations of this Warranty.  If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

Pulley Ratios are critical to alternator performance and reliability. Please read and follow the calculations below, failure to do so will result in potential failure, which is not covered by our warranty.

OEM Vehicle Manufacturers used a variety of alternator and crankshaft pulleys. The ratio at which they operate is very important. As a result, some alternators were prone to high RPM Failures, even with Stock pulleys as equipped by the manufacturer. Modification of these ratios and modification of the vehicle computer to increase RPM limits by the customer can further exaggerate alternator failures, a condition that we do not warranty for.

When installing this alternator please use the stock alternator pulley (or larger). In simple terms; an alternator functions best at or over the minimum idle RPM (1800 shaft) and under the design Maximum RPM (16,000 shaft). An alternator also makes max power around 6000 shaft RPM, anything beyond that is still at maximum output. Be conservative in selecting pulleys to assure a safe minimum speed for good idle performance because any pulley combination will allow the alternator to achieve max power at 6000 shaft RPM. Please be sure that your pulley combinations / ratios keep the alternator under designed limitations.

In some cases, we supply a pulley, but based on limited availability and variations in size please use caution. If we supplied a pulley and it is larger than stock, use it – if the OEM pulley was larger then please use it. A larger alternator pulley will slow down the alternator, helping to correct the problem described above. Up to a point, the alternator will compensate electronically for that speed change, so you will not see any significant loss of power.

Some after-market companies sell larger alternator pulleys, which can also be used if you experience high RPM failure of your alternator.

Failure to use the proper pulley can cause catastrophic failure of the alternator, which is not covered under the Warranty.

This calculation will help you determine the appropriate size pulleys:
You will need to measure: Alternator pulley size (i.e. 2.5") and Crankshaft Pulley Size (ie 5")
What is your Max engine Speed = (i.e. 5800 RPM) and Idle RPM = (i.e. 1000RPM)
Calculate the Ratio, in this case it is 2:1 (5” / 2.5” = 2) or 2:1
Then Calculate MAX and Idle RPM: Multiply Max RPM x Ratio (5800 x 2) = 11,600 shaft RPM
Multiply Idle RPM x Ratio (1000 x 2) = 2000 shaft RPM @ Idle RPM

We recommend the following:
95A minimum idle 1600 shaft
130A minimum idle 1800 shaft
200A minimum idle 2000 shaft (2200 is ideal)

Any product returned for any reason that is processed as a return or warranty, and then not claimed by the customer, with or without an outstanding balance or credit, after 90 days of inactivity from the date of invoice, becomes the property of PA Performance and will be scrapped at our discretion. The product is not eligible for future credit or other claims after the 90-days has elapsed. It is the customers responsibility to satisfy any outstanding balances or communicate other intensions within this time or forfeit that product and its value. No exceptions or exclusions to this policy.